JIRA Report

BugUIMA-6213ResolvedRuta: LayerInstantiationException in LaunchDelegate using newer Java versions
BugUIMA-6219ResolvedLogger errors when running Ruta script
BugUIMA-6221ResolvedRuta: adapt to UIMA logging in Ruta Workbench
BugUIMA-6241ResolvedRuta maven plugin does not fail the build when it fails
BugUIMA-6246ResolvedRuta: right to left matching skips span after greedy question quantifier
BugUIMA-6247ResolvedRuta: not able to check label expression on null as implicit condition
BugUIMA-6256ResolvedRuta: SPLIT creates invalid annotations
BugUIMA-6258ResolvedAction FILL only considers first annotation of given type
BugUIMA-6261ResolvedRuta: verbalization of NullExpression
BugUIMA-6268ResolvedRuta: internal indexing not robust concerning modifications in pipeline
BugUIMA-6302ResolvedRuta: error visualizing comparing annotation in CAS Editor views
BugUIMA-6309ResolvedRuta: fallback in failed wildcard lookahead falsely resets correct label assignment
BugUIMA-6319ResolvedRuta: TextSeeder creates MARKUP annotations
BugUIMA-6323ResolvedSeedLexer not generated when building in Eclipse
BugUIMA-6324ResolvedRuta: | and & REs may miss matches
BugUIMA-6325ResolvedUpdate to UIMA Parent POM 14 (Ruta)
BugUIMA-6340ResolvedRuta: Condition AFTER does not respect BLOCK window
BugUIMA-6344ResolvedRuta: ConjunctRules fires without justification
BugUIMA-6345ResolvedRutaBasicUtils should not require RutaBasic type
BugUIMA-6346ResolvedRuta: Action ADD case FLOAT missing
BugUIMA-6361Resolvedp2-layout-resolver upgrade required for Java 16 builds
DocumentationUIMA-6347ResolvedRuta: Inconsistency between Guide and Interpreter on TOTALCOUNT syntax
ImprovementUIMA-6233ResolvedFailing unit tests depending on test execution order
ImprovementUIMA-6337ResolvedUpgrade Ruta to UIMA 3.2.0 and uimaFIT 3.2.0
ImprovementUIMA-6338ResolvedRuta: Inconsistency Interpreter vs. Guide on VOTE
ImprovementUIMA-6341ResolvedTry out p2-layout-resolver
ImprovementUIMA-6356ResolvedRuta: option to indentify groups of eval annotations
New FeatureUIMA-6255ResolvedRuta: font and syntax coloring in dark mode in Ruta Workbench
New FeatureUIMA-6271ResolvedRuta: option to validate internal indexing in RutaEngine
New FeatureUIMA-6343ResolvedRuta should provide config parameters to ease type disambiguation
New FeatureUIMA-6359ResolvedRuta: parameter to add debug annotations to indexes
TaskUIMA-6260ResolvedJenkinsfile for Ruta
TaskUIMA-6332ResolvedRuta: change seeders param default to TextSeeder
TaskUIMA-6362ResolvedRuta: update versions and notice in eclipse plugin bundles