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dak ls aka madison
dak ls $package\n"; print("\n"); print("
    system("dak ls $opt $package 2>&1");
    if ($html)
        print "
\n"; elseif (isset($_GET['t'])) print $date . "\n"; } elseif ($html) { print "

dak ls

\n"; } if (!$html) exit; /* exit here in text mode */ ?>

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Usage: dak ls [OPTION] PACKAGE[...]
Display information about PACKAGE(s).

  -a, --architecture=ARCH    only show info for ARCH(s)
  -b, --binary-type=TYPE     only show info for binary TYPE
  -c, --component=COMPONENT  only show info for COMPONENT(s)
  -g, --greaterorequal       show buildd 'dep-wait pkg >= {highest version}' info
  -G, --greaterthan          show buildd 'dep-wait pkg >> {highest version}' info
  -h, --help                 show this help and exit
  -r, --regex                treat PACKAGE as a regex [not supported in madison.php]
  -s, --suite=SUITE          only show info for this suite
  -S, --source-and-binary    show info for the binary children of source pkgs

ARCH, COMPONENT and SUITE can be comma (or space) separated lists, e.g.

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