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Last change: 28.09.2000


What is the Windows LPR Spooler?

Windows LPR Spooler 4.2a/5.0 allows you to print transparently from any Windows application to network printers. All that is needed is a Protocol DLL that implements an API for sending print jobs to such a remote printer. Included are the following two Protocol DLLs:
WLPR2.DLL/WLPR2_32.DLL which implements the LPD protocol (RFC1179) and allows printing to LPD print servers (typically some UNIX hosts).
WJETDIR.DLL/WJETD_32.DLL which allows printing to HP printers attached to the net with HP JetDirect interfaces as well as similar network interfaces or print server boxes which accept print jobs being sent to a specific TCP port.

Version 4 is targeted for 16 bit Windows platforms (Windows 3.1x), whereas version 5 is designed for 32 bit Windows platforms (Windows 9x/NT4/2000).

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Version 4

Features and requirements
Version  4.2a Patch Level 1 Release Notes

Version 5

Features and requirements
Version 5.0 Release Notes

Year 2000

The spooler does not process date input in any form, so there are no issues of ambiguous interpretations of dates with 2-digit years. In the currently available version 4.2a Patch Level 1, the display of job creation dates in the local spool status window and time stamps in the log file has been changed to 4-digit year format. This means that now the spooler version 4 is fully Year 2000 compliant, as is the version 5.

Ordering licenses

From June 1 on we have restructured the target platforms of our software. Version 4.2a will now be targeted for 16 bit Windows platforms (Windows 3.1x), and version 5 for all 32 bit platforms (Windows 9x/NT4/2000). Users of version 4.x who have purchased their licenses before June 1 will be able to update their licenses to version 5 for a special upgrade fee (20% of the original 4.x licenses costs). Users that purchase version 4 licenses after this date (at a reduced price) for their 16 bit Windows will only be able to upgrade to version 5 by paying the full balance between the version 4 and version 5 prices. So, if you need the spooler for 16 bit Windows, please license version 4. Otherwise please directly go to version 5.

Prices are available in DM and US$.

If you still have questions concerning the availability of licenses, please feel free to send us an email message. Registration forms for version 4 and version 5 are also available.

Technical support

For technical support, visit the Technical Support page where you can find a list of known problems and their fixes or workarounds.
If you try to access a printer which is networked through a print server box or network interface card and not attached to a Unix print server, please take a look at the tips for accessing print servers.

Registered users will continue to receive technical support by email free of charge.

Software download

For downloads of the currently shipping software versions please see the Downloads page.
Beta and preliminary versions currently available to the public


If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or other wishes feel free to contact us.

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