Windows LPR Spooler 5.0 - Features and Requirements

Key features of Windows LPR Spooler 5.0:

32 bit Windows application supporting Windows 9x, NT4, and 2000.
Windows LPR Spooler allows transparent printing from Microsoft Windows applications to network printers that are driven by a LPR based print server.
Windows LPR Spooler allows to install substantially more network printers simultaneously than it is possible just with redirected LPT1-3 ports. Beyond that it does not interfere with directly attached printers (no LPTx ports are abused for network printing).
Windows LPR Spooler queues print files locally before they are sent over the net. The user has the chance to delete locally queued jobs before they are sent.
Windows LPR Spooler allows querying the status of a remote printer queue as well as removing print jobs from it.
In case of spool failures (e.g. due to the server or the net being down) Windows LPR Spooler can retry to send print jobs after a user-definable amount of time.
Multithreaded spooling allows more than one network printer to receive jobs at one time.
Windows LPR Spooler has a so-called "unattended mode" in which errors that occur during a spool attempt are not reported to the user with a dialog box which would block the spooler. Instead the status display indicates that an error occured, and the user may check the cause for this error later. This allows, for example, over-night high volume batch printing.
Printing to network printers from DOS applications running under Windows is also possible in some limited fashion (the DOS app must be able to write its printer output to a file).
The included Protocol DLL WLPR2_32.DLL which handles the LPR/LPD protocol allows various queue-specific settings like
selection of file type according to RFC 1179
specification of job name, job title, job class for print jobs
extended options allow customization of about every aspect of the LPR/LPD protocol
specification of include files which are pre- and/or appended to print jobs
support for additional options available for LPRng based print servers
possibility to issue control commands to LPRng based print servers
The included Protocol DLL WJETD_32.DLL allows access to all HP JetDirect based printers that allow job downloads to a specific TCP/IP port and can display status info for HP JetDirect based printers (those that understand the @PJL INFO commands)
Windows LPR Spooler can be extended to virtually every protocol by adding an appropriate Protocol DLL.


Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows NT 4, or Windows 2000
A Protocol DLL like the included WLPR2_32.DLL.
Networking software that offers a Windows Sockets 1.1 DLL if the included WLPR2_32.DLL is used as Protocol DLL (which is the normal case for printing to LPR/LPD (RFC 1179) based printers).

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