ACITS LPR Remote Printing v3.6a
for Windows 95/98/Me and NT 4.0

Copyright (c) 1995 - 2001
The University of Texas at Austin (UTA).
All rights reserved.

Written by: Glenn K. Smith

ACITS LPR ACITS LPR Remote Printing for Windows 95/98/Me and NT 4.0

  • ACITS LPR Remote Printing is an add-in Print Monitor that adds LPR capability to the Windows Spooler.
  • You may print directly from any application directly to your LPR printer or print server.
  • You don't need to print to a file before sending your output to a LPR print server or printer.
  • Client generated banner pages - great for drivers that don't support .WMF page separator files.
  • Stand alone print server mode.
  • You don't have to run a "in your face" application in order to print to your LPR printer or print server.
ACITS LPR Remote Printing Y2K Compliance Statement

Software Licensing Agreement for ACITS LPR Remote Printing

Installation documentation for ACITS LPR Remote Printing for Windows 95/98/Me and NT 4.0

Download latest version of ACITS LPR Remote Printing for Windows 95/98/Me and NT 4.0

Note: A Windows 2000 versions is currently being developed. Until it't ready, the Windows NT 4.0 version
*may* work, although the documentation may be dated and it doesn't work with Clustered Print Servers.
You will also need to disable the Advanced Printing features option found on the Advanced Printer Properties Page.
However, because this isn't a Windows 2000 version, support for getting this version to work is very limited!

ACITS LPR Remote Printing is compatible with Windows Me. To date, no issues involving Windows Me have been reported.

Version History
11/950.01Initial design work - no coding done, just thoughts on paper.
2/961.00Created program for Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95.
5/961.01Revamped the whole thing and streamlined the code. Updated for Windows NT 4.0.
9/961.02Added context sensitive help and installer program.
11/961.03Fixed timout bug and revised configuration dialog to make more sense.
3/971.04Added the option to send raw text and upgraded the installer program.
8/971.05Added the option to disable printing banner pages. Also updated the help file, added software licensing, and made minor cosmetic changes. Fixed a bug concerning white space characters in the printer/queue name.
9/971.07Modified port name handling to create the name LPR:queue name on remote host. Fixed program so it wouldn't attempt to resolve a host name when updating the port parameters.
9/971.1Jumped to version 1.1 and made sure program worked with Windows 98, Beta 2.
9/971.2Fixed bug where I sent the Windows 95 port name instead of the LPR queue name.
9/971.3Modified the banner page information to be a little more useful and fixed a problem with whitespace characters in the control file.
10/971.4Major overhaul of error handling. Also modified how Windows 95 port names were created. Added the option to reverse the order in which the control and data files are sent to the print server.
11/971.5Incorporated some suggestions by IBM and others to add some features.
11/971.6Changed the default timeout to 120 seconds and added a command line LPR client.
12/971.7A few minor tweaks and updated the help file. Added a save option to the debugging window.
12/971.8Fixed a problem with the queue name combo-box not being case sensitive.
2/981.9Fixed printer connection problem and increased the printing speed somewhat.
2/982.0Added code to attempt to modify the spooler settings on the fly. Also decided to do my own error handling to make things easier under Windows 95.
2/982.1Fixed handling of print jobs when spooler set for direct printing.
2/982.2Fixed a message box when adding/configuring a port. Did some spell checking. Increased the printing speed over a network.
3/982.3Fixed a problem when switching printer drivers attempting to open an LPR connection. Also added handling for spooling jobs with the incorrect spooler settings.
3/982.4Beefed up the error handling for the LPR routines. (*again*) Also changed the help file and created a new installer that doesn't require a reboot.
3/982.5Modified the LPR routines to filter out unacceptable characters such as Umlautes. Also modified the UT Austin licensing.
3/982.6Fixed the time stamping for Windows 95 and corrected a problem with printer sharing. Also corrected a minor filename bug that caused problems with some LPD implementations.
4/983.0Changed the configure dialogs and added separator pages (client generated banner pages). Also skipped version to version 3.0 and ignored versions 2.7 - 2.9.
4/983.01Attempted to fix a bug that prevents the configuration property sheet from displaying properly on some systems.
5/983.02gAttempted to fix an Installshield 5.0 bug? (I hope).
5/983.1Modified socket timeouts because of problems with Windows 95 going way too long.
5/983.2Add the ability to resubmit a job and do unattended printing.
5/983.3Fixed a fatal bug due to a simple typo in an IF statement.
6/983.4Changed the configuration dialogs from a property sheet to tabbed dialog boxes in an effort to allow systems not running IE 4.0 to view them. This also fixes the invalid parameter error during installation.
6/983.4aForgot to include the NT files in the NT build.
6/983.4bForgot to uncomment a line which saves the configuration settings when you click OK in the configuration dialog.
6/983.4cFixed a minor security bug with Windows NT which prevented anyone but an Administrator from printing.
6/983.4dMinor documentation changes - mainly to the licensing.
6/983.4eAdded a check for a null pointer to the installer program.
6/983.4fFixed a minor bug concerning resubmitting print jobs.
9/993.4gUpdated documentation and licensing. Also fixed error handling in the command line version.
9/993.5Fixed a nasty GPF bug in the port configuration dialog.
3/003.5bCreated 30 evaluation version.
3/003.5cFixed a bug in the date checking for the 30 evaluation version installer.
3/003.5dFixed a bug in the uninstaller which sometimes prevented complete de-installation of the software.
8/003.6Added user-defined class names and updated the licensing information.
1/013.6aFixed a couple of installer bugs. Added an option to allow non-US characters in control file. General bug fixes.

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