This directory contains a collection of contributed packages for Fatdog 600 series. They are packages compiled, built and packaged by Fatdog contributors, users, and enthusiasts.

Contribution Guidelines

1. Make sure that the package filename contains identification of what version of Fatdog it is for, e.g. (620 identifies it as Fatdog version 620). Another alternative would be (fd620 for Fatdog 620). For packages that only works with a specific kernel version, put the kernel version as part of the filename, e.g. (for kernel version 3.8.7)

2. Make sure that the package description field is liberally filled with the detailed purpose of the package. If the package only works for certain hardware, let is know or at least give a URL link of where to find further information.

3. Make sure that the package description contains your name (e.g., "This package is created by FooBar") either at the start or at the end of the description. The name doesn't have to be your real name, it can be your forum name, etc.

4. Make sure you fill in the "compiled distro" (=Fatdog) and "compiled distro version" (600, 611, 620, etc) correctly. For version, use the version of Fatdog that you built or test it on. Only leave it blank if the package is version/distro-independent (i.e., it has shell scripts only).

5. If you are interested to contribute, please contact the Fatdog team for the details.

The purpose of these guidelines is to make other users easily identify what a package is for, what version it is for, and who created the package.